GDBUtil - Generic Database Utility

It is intended to provide a user defined hierarchy tree of database objects using user defined
SELECT commands. The result is displayed in table views which can reload the selected data periodically.

Additionally a simple database console is provided to query the database. The result is displayed
in a table grid.

It is realized as a RCP application with Eclipse 3.4.


  • Simple
  • Support for JDBC enabled databases
  • User defined, configurable tree of database objects
  • Each root branch shows an object tree with its own configured database connection
  • Each database connection operates with its own SQL execution thread
  • The result of a selection in a table view can be refreshed periodically
  • Periodically queried values can be displayed in simple charts
  • Store procedures can be called
  • A simple database query tool - SQL console - with ''auto-commit'' disabled
  • A simple CSV export tool to save the result of a query to a file in csv format
  • Drag and Drop support to drag the name of an element in the tree view or a value of a table view into the SQL console
  • Licence: LGPL

Possible use cases:

  • Provide a predefined view of database objects to inexperienced users
  • Configure frequently executed SQL statements to easily use and optionally refresh them
  • Watch statistics of custom scenarios
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